Welcome to PicknBow

Welcome to the PicknBow blog. PicknBow was formed in 2011 and started as an idea in the mind of Danny Gotham. This idea took form when Danny teamed up with Jay Miller, Bob Vasile and Jane Peppler to set up a musical weekend in Hillsborough on June 25th, 2011. Twenty people showed up with fiddles, guitars, ukulele, bouzouki, mandolin, piano, voices and even a flute and a double bass or two. The music was everywhere.

We hope that this site will help to keep everyone connected and encourage others to join us as we pursue our musical journeys. You can reply to comments or post your own comment by clicking on the “comments” link below. See you soon I hope!

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4 Responses to Welcome to PicknBow

  1. Susan McClanahan says:

    Dear New Friends,

    Thank you Danny, Jay, Jane and Bob V. for organizing an amazing camp. Thanks so much for the photos (Lin), videos (Sandy & Jim), the blog (John) and the fine time that we had with all of you over the weekend. You are a very talented, fun group of people. It was a pleasure to see your lights shine!

  2. John Pugh says:

    I thought I would add that this is version one of the blog site and there are some limitations imposed by WordPress however there are many options e.g., the picture in the header. Suggestions/recommendations are welcomed. The blog should be low maintenance and the content will come from you. If we keep photographs, audio and video on other sites and link to them via this site, we will have plenty of space to add our comments and information. In time we can add blog pages on other topics like violin playing, alternate guitar tunings, upcoming events and bios of our favorite performers.

  3. John Pugh says:

    Here’s a picture (Courtesy of Lin Stogner) of the group taken on Sunday, June 26th, 2011. Sadly, not everyone who attended made it into the picture but more photographs are available via the “Photographs” link on this page.

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