Add comments to this page if you are aware of any events coming up in the area. Anybody who is subscribed to the blog will get an email notification of the event you write about. I’ll post the videos from last weekend here to see if this works for us all. Susan McClanahan sent in an index to the videos that Jim Musson sent in on Wednesday, June 29th.

PICKNBOW VIDEOS – Sunday, June 26th, 2011

I believe these are in order of appearance.Click on the item to see the video.

1. Lin (guitar) with others singing “High Hopes” by Hank Cochran. Also Lin singing “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry.

2. Bob McClanahan (guitar), Susan McClanahan (vocal), Bob Vasile (Bouzouki), Pat (Homemade washtub bass) singing “Angel from Montgomery” by John Prine and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a wonderful world” by Iz.

3. Tim (guitar) singing Carrboro Rag (Tim Original)

4. Tim (guitar) singing “Don’t Say Goodbye if you love me”

5. Jane (fiddle) & Pat (guitar) singing “Lark in the Morning” and Jane and Bob Vasile (guitar and vocal) singing “The Old Song”

6. Jane (fiddle), Adam (bouzouki), Bob V.*(guitar) playing “Moon Corn” and Jane* (concertina) singing Pretty Sarah

7. Jane (concertina) & Derek (harmony) singing “Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair”

8. Jay’s band: Jay (guitar), Eva (vocal), Sandy (banjo), Gary (bass guitar) with two Original songs: “It’s been so long” (by Jay) and “Don’t ask me to explain” (by Jay & Eva)

9. Derek (vocal lead) + Others singing “Walkin’ in Jerusalem”

10. Bob (guitar) & Jim (guitar) playing “Sugarfoot Rag” & “My old hen is a good old hen”

11. Danny Gotham*(guitar) playing “Business Hardships & troubles Medley (including some Simon & Garfunkel)

12. Everyone singing “Going Back to work on Monday”

2011 Swannanoa Gathering – Asheville NC – July 3 to July 31

Swannanoa web page
July 3-9, Traditional Song Week
July 3-9, Fiddle Week
July 10-16, Celtic Week
July 17-23, Old-Time Music & Dance Week
July 24-30, Contemporary Folk Week
July 24-30, Guitar Week
July 31- August 6, Dulcimer Week

Mandolin classes by Darren Maloney
Button Accordian classes by Damien Connolly
Fiddle classes – Brian Conway, Patrick Mangan and many more
DADGAD Guitar by Eamon O’Leary

North American Festival of Wales – Sept 1-4, 2011

NA Festival of Wales web site

Kirk Ridge and Bob Vasile play Saturday night at 7:30 PM (July 16th)

Loco Lu’s Coffeehouse – Oak Park Shopping Center
3/4 mile west of Crabtree Valley Mall on Glenwood Avenue (70)
Across from Peddlers Steakhouse
5210 Hollyridge Dr


2 Responses to Events

  1. Tim Dolan says:

    Hey John, thanks for putting this site together and thanks to Danny and all for PicknBow. I could only attend on Saturday – my job reared its ugly head as it has frequently lately, c’est la vie – but I did learn a lot about navigating the fretboard and I loved the open tuning session. Sorry I missed Sunday and the performances but appreciate this blog is here to hear about other experiences and keep abreast of upcoming festivals, guitar tips, et al…thanks to you all and looking forward to the next PicknBow.

  2. John Pugh says:

    Festival for the Eno takes place on July 2,3 & 4th. The Tubby Ridge Band will be playing at 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM on Sunday, July 3rd. (Kirk, John, Adam, Bobb were all at the PicknBow event last weekend).

    Here’s a link to the web pages for this year’s festival:

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