This is a page where people can blog about guitar-related tips or stories. When I was looking for a good guitar I was told by some people that if I wanted to be serious about bluegrass I should never show up with a “Taylor” – only a “Martin” was acceptable! I saw both last weekend as well as other fine brands and I don’t think anyone really minded as long as the music was good.

Rolly Guitar
Here’s another wordpress site that features Danny Gotham and also contains some interesting guitar advice and some instructional videos.


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  1. John Pugh says:

    I couldn’t resist adding a comment about alternate tunings (Bob Vasile)and finding my way around the fretboard (Danny Gotham). These were new topics for me. I am now trying to convince my wife that I need a “Guild” guitar so that I can tune my Taylor in the standard way and have the Guild tuned to DAGF#AD ready to keep up my practice of the Irish Reel. I’m keeping my cheat sheets and the practice CD Bob kindly made for us. I am also practicing finding my way around the fretboard using Danny’s very useful tip.

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