This section of the site can be used to add the names of local musicians that we come across that may be of interest.

Hwyl – A Welsh band in Chapel Hill

Siant Y Ddraig – A Welsh band in Chapel Hill


One Response to Musicians

  1. John Pugh says:

    My interest in PicknBow came from hearing Bob Vasile play his bouzouki in the Tubby Ridge band and hearing about Danny Gotham from Kirk Ridge. After hearing some excellent banjo plucking and guitar playing last weekend I can’t help wondering about the players that people mentioned while we were there. If you can tell us a little about them that would be great.

    When I was studying jazz piano I was told to learn Charlie Christian riffs on the piano as a way to learn technique. I read a little about Cecil Sharp, Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, Clarence White, Tony Rice and George Shuffler after getting home and there seems to be so much out there. Here’s a great page – The history of Bluegrass guitar in Western North Carolina by John Martin:

    Perhaps I could try moves from other players after a lot of practice and more blisters on my fingers! I look forward to your comments.

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