Your Songs

This is a place where you could add a link to your song or perhaps use “tunecore” or a similar service to upload your song. Tunecore allows you to get 100% of your royalties but try the site and see what you think.

Tubby Ridge Band – Kirk Ridge (Guitar/Vocals), John Pugh (Piano), Butch Colcolough (Guitar), Kimmie Wilson (Vocals), Alan, Mike Canale (Sax), John Hanks (drums)

Here’s a song by the Tubby Ridge band – Burning Ever Since

A Little Chopin – John Pugh

This is played on my laptop using a MIDI keyboard connected to a Mac Laptop which contains piano samples from a 10ft Steinway concert grand.

A short Chopin piece


2 Responses to Your Songs

  1. John Pugh says:

    You may be interested in The NC Songwriters Co-op – You may also be interested in attending The Song Doctor meetings where songwriters come together to try out their latest songs on the rest of the group about once a month. Led by Kirk Ridge, this is a great opportunity to get miked up and play in front of a small group of like-minded people. To get to the Song Doctor follow the link at the top of the paged labeled “Events”, the Song Doctor is the eighth link down under Events.

  2. John Pugh says:

    This is a delicate and sensitive area. I don’t pretend to know a lot about copyright so I’m sure others will fill us in. I tend to think that if I write the music and the lyrics I can freely post my songs here for anyone to listen to. Also, there may be songs that are well known and free from copyright. This may be true for some classical music for example. Comments welcome.

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